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Thursday Thoughts!

This is so true! I have many friends that I grew up with or worked with and when we talk it’s like picking up where we left off at…talking and laughing! There is no envy or competition, and we only encourage one another to be or do better! To me that’s real friendship! One thing I can’t stand is a needy friend that’s always crying about people acting funny or not having time to be a friend. At this age, do you still require your friends to be present in your life every day? Like…shouldn’t we be busy with everyday adult things like working and paying bills, family, relationships…. LIFE?? Maybe this is how I see friendships because, I am a person who enjoy my time and space! I’m not that friend that want to be sitting in my friend’s house every day or have them sitting in my face all of the time. If you have friends that can pick up where you left off at whenever you see them or speak to them appreciate that friendships because it’s genuine! Happy Thursday people!

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