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Journaling has become one of my favorite things to do at the end of my day. There are so many benefits of journaling that has helped me over the years. I first started journaling in high school as a daily assignment in my English class. Part of the assignment was to watch the new the night before and write about one event. My teacher wanted his students to know what was going on in the world and we had to tell how it made us feel. At the time, I thought it was a crazy assignment! We received credit for writing about the event, explaining the details as well as how the story made us feel. So, from that point on I started journaling as a way of expressing myself by writing down my thoughts and feelings.

My top 5 benefits of journaling:

  1. Relieve stress – journaling has always been one of my stress relievers. Every night, I pull out my journal and write down all the events of my day. This allows me to destress and release the stress through my writing.

  2. Boost Creativity – this can improve your writing skills and get any other creative juices going.

  3. Track Goals – journaling allows you to set your goals and then track your progress.

  4. Self-reflect – when writing and expressing your true feelings, this also allows you to do some self-reflecting. Think about how you are as a person and work on ways to become a better person.

  5. Improves memory/recollection – keeping a journal can also be used to keep track of life events. Remembering important times in life will also keep you from making the same mistake also learning from them.

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