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Happy Motivational Wednesday!

Workout Suggestions !

I saw this on Pinterest and thought this would be a great post to share. So I guess you can call this Workout Wednesday ;-). This little video list 5 exercises that can be done while laying down watching tv. Some may look at this as being lazy and truth be told, it is but so what! I’m always looking for ways to become more active by me working from home. This can be done in the evening when we’re watching our favorite shows or right before bedtime. Exercise can also be used as a stress reliever for those that have really hectic days!

Beautiful Me Journal

This journal is for the journal heads that start their day with a nice cup of coffee, a journal & pen! This is also for the journal heads that enjoy journaling right before bed with a glass of wine! Whatever works for you, journaling is a way to write down your daily thoughts or a way to destress! Journaling can also be used for creative writing to help put some of those great ideas on paper. This will be the perfect gift for people that are dealing with life issues and need a release those feelings. This journal can be purchased on my website ! Happy Workout Wednesday & Happy Journaling!

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